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I started my musical adventure at the age of seven when I was first introduced to the piano by my father, who is a professional percussionist in the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. I took lessons from one of my fathers students who also studied piano, but didn't really have the enthusiasm to practice or play classical music. In the end I learnt to read music fluently and play intermediate compositions.

It wasn't till high school that my hobby took a step in a more serious direction when I was introduced to Stratovarius, Yngwie Malmsteen and later on to Dream Theater. Here was Jens Johansson playing complex, lightning fast solos and duelling with Yngwie. This was a totally different domain than the classical world I had been introduced to. I was fascinated that keyboards could be used in such a fashion. A couple of years later I performed first time as a band with a guitarist called Sami Juusola. We played at a school happening a Stratovarius' song called Destiny. That's when I played my first solo.

From there on I started composing my own songs and formed a band with my little brother Nicholas and a guy called Sami Juusola who knew a bass player called Olli Hakala who knew a drummer called Sauli Mannevaara. Since then me, Nicholas and Olli have played in Simulacrum. The current line-up is strengthened with Tatu Turunen on drums, Petri Mäkilä on guitar and Niklas Broman & Erik Kraemer on vocals. Simulacrum's music can be described as modern progressive metal that pays deep respect towards the old classic bands like Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery & Symphony X, but also has modern djent elements incorporated into the music. Simulacrum is currently working on their third album, which should see an early 2020 release.

In 2007 I graduated from the Turku Conservatory with a degree in audio technology and piano. In 2017 I graduated from the Turku Arts Academy with maximum points from thesis on music marketing and creating a brand within the music industry. I am currently for hire as a sound/video producer or keyboard player through my company Dark Noise Productions. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or work-offers at

During the years I have been composing, my music has evolved from neo-classical metal to a more diverse blend of aggression, fusion, classical and progressive rock/metal. I'm bored with the fact that very many of the progressive bands today lack imagination, diversity, balls and aggression. When listening to my compositions you will also here the influence of impressionistic composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, Frank Zappa, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Andromeda, Adagio, Symphony X, Spiral Architect and Meshuggah.

Besides Simulacrum, I am currently a member of a symphonic power metal band called Epicrenel, which features members of Amberian DawnThaurorod and ex-Adagio. The debut album 'The Crystal Throne' was released March 2013 and my role on the album was principle sound producer, keyboard player and orchestral arranger. I am also a member of a progressive metal band called Adamantra, which is currently working on it's third album. I was also a member of the international melodic metal band Eden's Curse from 2015 up to the point that the band quit in 2019. During my years in Eden's Curse I toured all over Europe on joit tours with bands like Michael Schenker Fest, Mob Rules & Freedom Call. Besides live performances, I was featured on one Eden's Curse studio album Cardinal (2016, AFM Records) plus two special album's Revisited (2017) & Testament (2018).


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Mark Varney (Legato Records) has written of him: "Wow! Makes my fingers feel arthritic!" Antonello Giliberto was born in Siracusa (Sicily). He studied the guitar in earnest eventually taking lessons from Alfredo D'Urso in 1992 and 1993. During this time Antonello was influenced by the rock bands of the day before his musical direction and productivity took a new path largely thanks to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach - most notably the movement "Air". From them on Classical Music played a large part in Antonello's life and his music reaped the benefits seeing tonal modes coming into play. To this day J.S. Bach has remained a huge influence. Another artist that had a huge influence on Antonello was Yngwie Malmsteen with "The Seventh Sign" being a life changing experience. It was here that Antonello started to incorporate sweep arpeggios into his vocabulary. So he began to listen to musicians like Joey Tafolla, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine and all other neoclassical guitarists since he has known Jason Becker. Antonello immediately became involved with Jason's music, his way of playing and, above all, his life. He is fond of music of all different kinds: jazz, rock, fusion. In 2005 he went on enrolling on Guitar Academy courses (which is a prestigious Sicilian Academy specialized in modern guitar) taught by Andrea Quartarone. After the acquisition of the first and second degree of fusion guitar, he joined the teaching staff at the Guitar Academy. Now, he is intensely engaged in teaching at the same school, in Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, Solarino and Palazzolo Acreide. Moreover, he attended several clinics held by Richard Smith (Catania 2005) and Carl Verheyen (Catania 2005). He got the first qualifying degree in rock-fusion guitar. In 2006, 2007,2008, 2009 and 2011 he attended the "ESC" (European Summer Campus), in Siracusa, where he followed the guitar courses held by Allan Holdsworth, Kiko Loureiro, Richard Hallebeek, Paul Gilbert, Kee Marcello, Richard Smith, Robben Ford, Greg Howe, Carl Verheyen, Guthrie Govan, Greg Koch, Andy Timmons and the theoretical, harmonic and ear-training lessons held by Andrea Avena, writing articles for AXE, the best guitar magazine in Italy. In April 2010 he has participated in the second edition of the Guitar Day to Bucharest (Romania), studying with Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Michael Angel Batio, Richard Hallebeek, Andy Timmons and William Stravato. In the number July / August 2010 of AXE magazine is present one article of 7 pages really on the seminars / concerts kept in Bucharest, with transcripts of the involved guitarists. August 6 th 2010 it has participated in the first edition of the "Night of the Guitars", event held in Palazzolo Acreide, with some of the best Sicilian guitarists. From October 2010 he collaborates with the CQUADRO Guitar Works, refined handicraft laboratory of guitars, of which he is official endorser. Since June 2011 he became the official endorser of pickups Mama, the best pickup craft in Italy. He opened as a soloist, at the Guitar Night 2011, the concert to Kee Marcello (Guitarist of Europe). On July 18, 2011 he played at the first edition of Sicily Guitar Day, an event held in Mazarino, where he also demonstrated the guitars CQuadro.

Has had many collaborations with Sicilian bands like the "Flowers' Grandsons', with which it has taken an average of about 100 concerts a year throughout southern Italy. From July 2011 to August 2014 he collaborated with the band Blue Train, playing rock-blues throughout southern Italy, and publishing an album entitled "Madness". December 17, 2011 he obtained brilliantly his diploma 3rd level fusion at the Guitar Academy, examined by one of the best Italian jazz musicians: Antonio Tosques.

December 23, 2011 he played with the Blue Train Trio in the presence of the great motocross champion  Antonio Cairoli, to whom he also dedicated the song "222" included in the album "Madness".

April 13, 2012 he participated in the masterclass of the great jazz musician Stanley Jordan.

April 26, 2013 he released his first solo album: "The Mansion of Lost Souls".

The CD is heavy, dark and very influenced by classical music, with a mix of strong melodies and ferocious riffs metal! "The Mansion of Lost Souls" is the house of 12 tracks full of guitar abuses!

On 12 October 2013 he has been fortunate to study with Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis) and the great Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind).

Since April 2014 he collaborates with the power metal band Steelblade, with whom he performed at Sicily Metal Camp in August 2014.

In the same festival he collaborates with the thrash metal French band E-Force, led by former Voivod Eric Forrest.

June 13, 2014, with the Steelblade band, he opens the concert at the Italian rocker Pino Scotto.

In July 2014 Antonello has finished composing his second instrumental album... 10 songs full of shred, melody and pathos!

Since November 2014 he collaborates with the historic Italian thrash-metal band Schizo, which will play live in 2015 in support of the new album "Rotten Spiral".

In December 2014 he recorded some solos on the new album of  E-Force, invited by Eric Forrest in person. He also collaborates with the tribute band Deep Purple / Rainbow "Purpleized", with Tony Carey (ex-Rainbow) on keyboards, which he will play on tour in the spring of 2015.

In April 2015 he attended the seminar held by Mike Stern and took lessons from the great shred guitarist Scott Mishoe.

The new album by Antonello Giliberto will be titled "Journey through my memory" and will have a lineup of exception: the great shred bassist Dino Fiorenza and the legendary drummer John Macaluso.
In May 2015 he signed for the historical record label Minotauro Records.

On June 16 released the album "Demonickol" by E-Force, where Antonello plays on three songs.

The new album by Antonello Giliberto "Journey through my memory" was released June 22, 2015.

In July 2015 he appears on the album "Guitar Academy 2015" by Andrea Quartarone with the new song "Demeter".

On 24 February 2016 he was a guest on TV in "Telesiculissimi" broadcast, in which he is interviewed and performs his song "Journey through my memory."

In 2016 he began composing for his third instrumental solo album.

The July 10, 2016 attends the seminar of Swedish guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh and opens his concert in Catania.

Between December 2016 and January 2017 he records the guitars on three songs in the keyboardist Gabriels new album "Fist of the Seven Stars Act 2".

On April 2, 2017 he participated in the msterclass of Vasco Rossi, Alice Cooper, and Y & T's guitarist Stef Burns.

On May 26, 2017, Antonello announces that his third instrumental album will be titled "The Strategy Of Chaos".

The May 28, 2017 took part in the master class about the transmodern musician held by Corrado Rustici (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Elton John, Al Jarreau, Dionne Warwick, Zucchero, Andrea Bocelli, Negramaro, Ligabue, Baglioni, Elisa etc.)

In August 2017 he is invited by Eric Forrest to play guitars on the track "Master of Morphine" for a tribute album to Necrodeath (For the BLACK TEARS / KULT OF CTHULHU label).

In December 2017 he wrote the music for the short film "Taormina è amore" by the emerging artist Giorgio Nanì La Terra.

In June 2018 he appeared in the international compilation GUITARRATÓNICA 2018 , along with great artists such as Atma Anur and David Shankle.

In August 2018 he completed his third solo album "The Strategy of Chaos".

On April 30, 2019 the new album "The Strategy of Chaos" was released worldwide.


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Sergio Diab Stratoman irá lançar o DVD "SiempreTrue Live in Rio”" da turnê de 2019 onde demonstra na prática a magia de suas apresentações ao vivo. E lança seu disco de canções inéditas “1895”, onde conta com mais participações especiais nacionais e estrangeiras surpreendentes.


Uma noite de sono profundo pode mudar uma vida, Sergio “Stratoman” Diab é a prova viva dessa realidade.

Até essa noite, Diab era sempre lembrado na cena musical carioca quando uma música precisava de um bom solo de guitarra. No entanto, o status de profissional querido e respeitado no meio musical, conquistado após anos de trabalho como músico, produtor fonográfico e diretor musical com cantores pop e grupos de rock, não satisfazia mais suas ambições. Não bastava mais contar histórias em solos de guitarra, era preciso criar narrativas maiores e cenários mais amplos.

Uma noite de sonhos intensos em 2013 foi o que bastou para que Diab mudasse a trajetória da sua carreira musical radicalmente, abrindo um novo caminho que iria levar sua música ao encontro de um público crescente e o faria estabelecer parcerias com figuras antológicas da música.

Na manhã seguinte, Sergio Diab acordou com uma certeza: Agora ele seria o cantor e a sua voz seria a da sua guitarra Fender Stratocaster. Nascia então o Stratoman e a missão desse personagem seria “cantar” melodias na guitarra que levassem os ouvintes para tempos e lugares distantes da nossa realidade atordoante.

As dificuldades de fazer o sonho virar realidade pareciam imensas. Canções onde um instrumento faz o papel da voz eram coisa de outro tempo, de uma época onde a guitarra de Chet Atkins, o trumpete de HerpAlpert e o saxofone de Moacir Santos espalhavam melodias pelo mundo.

O tamanho do desafio não assustou o novo super-herói da guitarra, que partiu para conquistar os ouvidos do mundo, um ouvinte de cada vez. Desde o lançamento de “Stratoman” (2014), Sergio Diab vêm provando, Brasil afora, que as audiências do Século XXI não são diferentes daquelas que consagraram os grandes melodistas do passado.

O trabalho missionário de Stratoman o levou para dezenas de apresentações nos mais variados palcos, de pequenos improvisados em bares com poucas dezenas de pagantes, até os de festivais lendários como o Rio Montreux Jazz Festival, com milhares na assistência. Em todos eles a surpresa do público é palpável. Onde se esperava solos intermináveis e virtuosismo estéril, encontra-se uma música onde a complexidade está a serviço da diversão da audiência.

A resposta positiva não veio apenas nos shows, também na mídia vozes surgiram para observar a originalidade e o poder de comunicação da música do Stratoman. Em publicações internacionais como Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar e Relix e no diário brasileiro Zero Hora, críticos compraram a ideia de uma música instrumental feita para ser ouvida como canção pop.

Tão importante quanto a resposta do público e da mídia foi a aprovação dos próprios colegas. No disco de estréia, o Stratoman alistou para sua missão evangelizadora um pelotão dos amigos mais próximos e fiéis.

Já para “SiempreTrue, Siempre Blue” (2017), o Stratoman contou com reforços nacionais e internacionais. A paleta sonora se adensa com teclados, metais e outras sonoridades como a guitarra americana de Richard Bennett (eternizada nos hits de Neil Diamond e Mark Knopfler) ampliam os horizontes da narrativa.

Consciente do apelo internacional da sua música e certo da capacidade de conquistar audiências de qualquer tipo, o Stratoman prepara os próximos passos da sua estratégia de conquista dos ouvidos do mundo, com novas parcerias e novos projetos.

Assim caminha o Stratoman, conquistando um a um fãs entre os torcedores da boa música, oferecendo através de suas histórias em forma de música um momento de sonho para os ouvintes. 


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Natural do ABC Paulista, o guitarrista Affonso Jr. estudou com vários Mestres da Guitarra Brasileira, dentre eles Mozart Mello (terreno Baldio).

É guitarrista das bandas Revenge, HardWood e atualmente toca na banda “Confessori”, do renomado baterista Ricardo Confessori (Angra, Shaman). Também integra a banda do guitarrista alemão Roland Grapow (Helloween, MastrePlan).

Em 1993 fundou o Instituto Guitar Point, instituto especializado em guitarra onde leciona até hoje.

Já foi colunista de grandes revistas especializadas, dentre elas Cover Guitarra, Guitar Class e Guitar Player. Teve um método de guitarra lançado pela editora HMP chamado “Hard and Heavy”.

Com a banda Revenge gravou 2 discos: Rhapsody From Brontoland (1990-Hellion Records) e Between Sky and Fire (1998 - Independente) e atualmente está finalizando seu primeiro cd instrumental, “Under the Fenris`Sign”.

Recentemente foi votado e tocou ao lado do renomado guitarrista norte–americano Paul Gilbert (Racer X/ Mr.Big).

Foi escolhido por 2 anos consecutivos (2017 e 2018) entre os 10 melhores guitarristas brasileiros (“Metal na Lata” e “Rock N´Road”).

Atualmente é patrocinado pelas marcas “Stone Guitar Company”, “Original Floyd Rose”, “Tom Tone Effects”, “Solaris Captadores”.


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A jornalista e produtora de TV Maria Angélica Figueiredo Vieira é casada com o compositor, multi-instrumentista e produtor Zé Luis (José Luis Segneri Oliveira), e está radicada desde 1987 em Nova York, Estados Unidos da América.

Angélica Vieira é produtora do programa Manhattan Connection desde sua estreia em 1993 até os dias atuais.

E hoje, 09/02/2020 faz sua participação no site Franklin Mano direto da 92.ª cerimônia de entrega dos Academy Awards (Oscars 2020), que ocorre no Teatro Dolby Hollywood, Los Angeles, Califórnia, EUA.

Atualmente o programa Manhattan Connection - apresentado por Lucas Mendes, Caio Blinder, Diogo Mainardi, Ricardo Amorim e Pedro Andrade - fala sobre política, economia e cultura, além de dicas sobre Nova York.


O Manhattan Connection é o mais prestigiado talk show brasileiro, transmitido desde 1993. O programa é gravado em Nova York (EUA) e foi originalmente transmitido no Brasil no canal GNT, parte da Globosat.

Em 2011, o Manhattan Connection mudou-se para o canal Globo News, também parte do sistema a cabo da Globo.

O Manhattan Connection é um dos mais recentes talk shows da história brasileira. Ele está sempre entre os mais altos na lista de classificações do canal.

Em sua primeira fase, os participantes foram Paulo Francis, Caio Blinder e Nelson Motta. Hoje Mendes e Blinder continuam sua participação de Nova York. Há três outros participantes: Diogo Mainardi, de Veneza (Itália), Ricardo Amorim, de São Paulo (Brasil), e Pedro Andrade, que alterna entre Nova York e Miami (EUA). O programa é em português e dividido em três segmentos - política, economia e eventos culturais em todo o mundo e é exibido em 116 países.


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