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Ian Parry is proud to announce the worldwide release of his 5th solo album by Metal Mind Productions. Ian celebrates his career with his 30th studio album “In Flagrante Delicto” meaning (in the very act of committing a crime) is in Ian’s humble opinion, “the crime being plastic waste, but also including a touch of fantasy as well as fiction”. With 10 hypnotic catchy modern power rock synthesizer/guitar/vocal based songs in a diverse style ranging from Yes style synthesizer atmospheres, to Whitesnake/ Foreigner classic rock and a hint of Rammstein together with a commercial heart felt Bad English/Peter Gabriel style ballad. “In Flagrante Delicto” has a powerful lyrical anecdote with melodic classic power rock enhanced by modern synthesizer based tracks and deals with the issue of plastic and toxic waste very much in the mainstream media at present and a subject Ian holds very close to his heart. Ian had embraced in part the issue of global pollution with the release of Visions back 2006, Visions of a better future at least. Astonishingly after more than a decade these challenges humanity faces to this day seem to be becoming progressively bigger. After spending more than a decade (co-) writing and compiling songs to best illustrate this serious issue, Ian sings out a passionate message from the heart, but still retains the creative edge for a little fantasy for his fans. Ian’s wish is simply to make more people aware of what’s happening in his own way via music, with the talent and support of his family of incredible musicians; guitarists - Stephan Lill (Vanden plas) & co-writer; Patrick Rondat; drummers - Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Imre Daun (Brian Robertson band), Andreas Lill & Gary King; bass guitarists - Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian), Torsten Reichert; Keyboard player & Co-songwriter - Jeroen van der Wiel, plus many more guest musicians performing a selection of 10 masterful tracks. (see list below).

As an established singer in the world of Rock & Metal with worldwide sales exceeding 200,000, Ian Parry’s almost 40 year career being with his first professional band Mono Pacific in 1981 (also featuring Zak Starkey Son of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr) has given him the opportunity to work with many well-known artists such as; Kamelot; Elegy; Ayreon; Mob Rules; Royal Hunt; Vengeance, Hammerhead, Valencia, Infinity Overture, Crystal Tears, Von Baltzer & his self-produced 5 album epic rock metal concept Consortium Project.

Now Ian joins forces together with an even more impressive collaboration of world class musicians in a melodic power rock formation performing 10 tracks on his 5th solo album “In Flagrante Delicto”.

Produced by Ian with 30 albums under his belt “In Flagrante Delicto” has been masterfully mixed by Swedish Engineer/Producer Martin Kronlund (Hammerfall/ Firewind/ Rock Emporium). Ian now delivers this memorable “back to the roots” melodic power rock 5th solo album, comprising of 10 self & co-written tracks together with Keyboard player Jeroen van der Wiel & Guitarist Stephan Lill. “In Flagrante Delicto” now opens a new chapter in Ian’s phenomenal career combining passion, true facts & raw power in a modern synthesizer / guitar based melodic rock album.


IAN PARRY – Vocals (Rock Emporium/Elegy/Consortium Project/Ayreon/Vengeance)

PATRICK RONDAT - Guitar (Jean Michel Jarre/ Consortium Project/ Elegy)

STEPHAN LILL – Guitar (Vanden Plas/ Consortium Project/ Ian Parry-Visions)

CASEY GRILLO – Drums (Kamelot/Queensrÿke/Consortium Project/Ian Parry-Visions)

IMRE DAUN – Drums (Rock Emporium/Gypsy Rose/Brian Robertson’s The Clan)

BAREND COURBOIS – Bass (Blind Guardian/Rock Emporium/Vengeance)

JEROEN VAN DER WIEL – keyboards (Rock Emporium/Thirteen/Odyssice)

Guest musicians

ANDREAS LILL – Drums (Vanden Plas/ Ian Parry-Visions)

TORSTEN REICHERT – Bass (Vanden Plas/ Ian Parry-Visions)

JOSHUA DUTRIEUX – Keyboards (Consortium Project/Elegy)

GARRY KING – Additional Drums on bonus tracks (Joe Lynn Turner/Rock Emporium)

MARIO ZAPATA – acoustic, rhythm & Solo guitars (Ian Parry solo Visions)

MARCEL VD ZWAM – additional bass guitar (Consortium Project)

GUIDO STÖCKER - additional bass guitar (Bodyguerra)

JOYCE MEUWISSEN – Female backing vocals (IAN PARRY Solo - Visions)







6. INGENIOUS (ballad)


8. FLY


10. SO FAR SO GOOD (Bonus for Japan original version)


IAN PARRY – Producer, singer, songwriter

British born & raised in Liverpool, singer, producer songwriter & founder of Rock Emporium/ Consortium Project, Ian has releases credited in over 35 countries worldwide accumulating sales in excess of 200,000. His studio experience started recording his first album at the former privately owned John Lennon’s studio in Ascot UK (later renamed Startling studios owned by Ringo Starr; Gary Numan Rock City Studio (based at shepperton film studios UK) Ridge Farm Studios UK (Paul Rodgers/Wet Wet Wet), EMI Electrola Germany (Alphaville/Herbert Grönemeyer). During his long career Ian has also worked with many great musicians & singers from the world of rock and metal: Tony Martin (Evolution I & ex-Black Sabbath vocalist), Zak Starkey (drummer of Oasis, The who & Son of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr), David Rosenthal (Keyboard player with Rainbow/ Billy Joel), Joe Franco (Drummer of USA Hard rock band Twisted Sister/ Window Maker) Stephan Lill (Guitarist of German prog-metal band Vanden Plas), Dutch Artists Ayreon, Jan Vayne & Valensia. USA metal giants Kamelot (Led Zeppelin tributes & Consortium Project), Christian Muenzner & his debut Metal band Eternity’s End “The Fire Within” album.

Live performances include; DORO; Graham Bonnet Band (European Tour), Stratovarius; Joe Stomp (USA guitarist) 2014 European live shows in Croatia. Belgrade Serbia. Bulgaria & Greece with Italian band Headless opening for US prog rock giants “Fates Warning” & 2 European & Japanese tours with Elegy and later Kamelot including festivals in Cleveland USA & performing for 10,000 fans at Rock Machina Spain 2003.

Ian’s experience has achieved worldwide acclaim as a dynamic well respected vocalist and a creative lyricist/songwriter/arranger/producer. After 12 years and 5 concept albums from his epic Consortium Project (the 5th final part C V “Species” released in 2011), In 2016 Ian opened a new chapter in his phenomenal career going back to his roots bringing us a Vintage Classic AOR melodic Hard Rock formation Rock Emporium with a debut release “Society of Friends” cd. Capturing remnants of the 70’s 80’s best rock artists from ACDC to Asia, Bon Jovi to Boston, whilst appealing to admirers of AOR such as US legends Journey.

Now Ian continues his collaboration with Swedish producer Martin Kronlund (Hammerfall/Firewind/Rock Emporium) producing his 5th solo album “In Flagrante Delicto”.

FACTZ: Ian’s first studio recording was made at ex-Beatle John Lennon’s studio famous for his hit “Imagine” and famous for Whitesnake’s hit “Fool for your lovin”.

FACTZ: Rock Emporium is Ian’s 25th album release and 12th album as Producer.

FACTZ: First professional UK band Mono Pacific 1982 featuring Zak Starkey son of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

FACTZ: Ian voted in Japan as one of the Top 20 worldwide singers along side Geoff Tate, Ozzy Osbourne; Ronnie James Dio.

FACTZ: Ian worked with British AOR Rock Band Airrace featuring Jason Bonham (drummer son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonhem).

FACTZ: Worldwide releases via Major labels EMI; Universal: Sony, JVC Japan and prominent top Indie labels Noise records; Sanctuary records; Inside Out America; Century Media records.

FACTZ: Over 280,000 hits on his homepage; and more than 50,000 views of Ian’s numerous music videos on his official Youtube site;

FACTZ: Ian worked with many well known artists in the world of rock and metal; Mike Chlasciak (Halford) Ivar de Graaf (Within Temptation); Sascha Peath (Heavens Gate) Arjen Lucassen (Vengeance / Ayreon), Thomas Youngblood / Casey Grillo (Kamelot); Stephan Lill (Vanden Plas); Patrice Guers (Rhapsody) Patrick Rondat (Jean Michel Jarre) Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt) Tommy Newton (Victory); Zak Starkey (Who / Oasis); Joe Franco (Twisted Sister / Widowmaker and David Rosenthal (Rainbow / Robert Palmer).

PATRICK RONDAT – Guitar (Jean Michel Jarre/Consortium Project/Elegy)

French born guitarist Patrick Rondat has over 35 album releases to his credit, so it is no wonder Ian invited back in 1998 to work together on the debut Consortium Project I “Criminals & Kings” album and then again in Elegy. Now Patrick lends his incredible talent and skill as one of Rock’s alltime best guitarist recording a number of masterful rhythm & solo performances on “In Flagrante Delicto”. Patrick’s turning point came in 1991 with the release of "Rape of the Earth" (vogue / music for nation. His first two albums where distributed internationally and he participates in the famous live show Radio 1-BBC London) in which Patrick’s individual guitar technique has remained clear in his compositions and live performances to this day. His real break came after a surprise meeting with Jean-Michel Jarre in 1991 after performing at a MONSTERS OF ROCK festival (AC/DC, Metallica, Queensryche, etc.) His collaboration began with Jean-Michel recording the album "chronology" and led him to participate in an impressive series of concerts in Paris, around the world including those of Wembley Stadium in 1993 and the March field in 1995 will remain in his memory.

This lead to the recording of "Amphibia" (FDM 1996) produced by Jean-Michel, he is accompanied by Tommy Aldridge and Patrice Guers (Consortium Project/ Rhapsody). Continuing the musical change present in "Rape of the Earth" where compositions of progressive influences are affirmed. An adaptation of Vivaldi's presto will be a milestone (Vivaldi tribute).

This opened other musical horizons and Patrick has continued to work with many other artists worldwide such as; Tony Mac Alpine, Simon Philipps, Steve Lukather, Stu Hamm. (Cannes music passion) and Gary Moore (BBM) which he ensures the first part at the Zenith of Paris without forgetting the invitation of Joe Satriani to participate in the 1998 G3 tour with Michael Shenker, for 14 unforgettable concerts. In 1999 released "On the Edge" (FDM) transition album, where Patrick explores other musical worlds, alongside Patrice Guers and Tommy Aldridge, are invited two prestigious guests Didier Lockwood and Michel Petrucciani.

FACTZ: Patrick has recorded 2 Consortium Projects albums with Ian & recorded 2 Elegy albums as well as performing live shows at Rock Machina festival 2002 (10,000 fans) & tours in Europe & the USA with Ian.

FACTZ: Patrick performed on live TV broadcast from Paris worldwide to millions of viewers with Jean Michel Jarre where he performed his classic guitar instrumental track Vivaldi from his Amphibia album.

FACTZ: Patrick has recorded & toured across the globe in the USA & Honk Kong with fellow Frenchman keyboard synthesizer wizard Jean Michel Jarre.

STEPHAN LILL – Guitar (Vanden Plas/Consortium Project)

German born guitarist Stephan Lill is no newcomer to the world of rock and metal music. Playing guitar from an early age discovering his passion after hearing AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young & their incredible sound. At only 15, Stephan joined his present band Vanden Plas whom have released 11 incredible albums worldwide to date including numerous live shows and tours in Europe and the USA supporting many known bands such as Dream Theater, Savatage, and Angra. Guitarist songwriter Stephan has collaborated on numerous project such as Missa Mercuria and has co-writer and recorded with Ian on 3 Consortium Project albums & Ian’s 4th solo album “Visions” Stephan was a natural choice for Ian due to Stephan’s animatic trademark guitar style, which can be heard on Consortium Project I together with Patrick Rondat, but also in his own band Vanden Plas & both on Ian’s 2006 solo album“Visions” & Consortium Project I, III & V. With influences from some of Rock’s best classic rock and metal bands such as; Blue Murder, In Flames, Metallica, Dream Theatre, Slipknot, Ill Niño , Dokken, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, House of Lords, and of course, AC/DC, these style’s resonate throughout Stephan’s talented guitar performances on the new 5th solo album “In Flagrante Delicto”.

FACTZ: Stephan & Vanden Plas bandmates have composed 4 rock operas (Ludus Danielis, Christ 0, Everyman, Chronicles of the Immortals), which were performed at the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz/Munich, Theater Münster, Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern, Theater Pforzheim and the Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck.

FACTZ: Guitarist, Stephan has played throughout Germany in musicals including Jesus Christ Superstar, Little Shop of Horrors, Chess, Evita, and Rocky Horror Picture Show, to name a few.

FACTZ: In 2010, Stephan performed together with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra in the German premiere of Yaron Gottfried's Concerto for Electric Guitar, String Orchestra and Percussion.

FACTZ: The American-based company TTM Guitars was so impressed with Stephan's playing that it has been building signature guitars for Stephan since 2011.

JEROEN VAN DER WIEL – Keyboards (Rock Emporium/Odyssice/Thirteen)

Dutch born keyboard player Jeroen van der Wiel recorded his debut album in 1996 with Dutch prog-rock band Odyssice.

Released in 1997 entitled “Moon Drive”, Odyssice successfully performed numerous live shows in the Netherlands and Germany. Jeroen & Odyssice produced three more successive albums: Impression (2000), Silence (2010) and Secret Showcase CD/DVD (2013).

During the same period in 1996 Jeroen also started working with ex-Mothers Finest guitarist John Hayes after having designed a number of album covers for John’s solo-projects, including some music editing. Jeroen later joined John on-stage as his keyboard-player and band member in the John Hayes Project.

Having established himself as a quality keyboard player, Jeroen’s talents quickly became in demand also for his amazing album cover graphic work. In 2009 Jeroen started his own full-time graphic design company Lime Media. This gave him the opportunity to perform numerous freelance music projects, which is how his talents were spotted by Rock Emporium Singer/Producer Ian Parry. British singer Ian worked with Jeroen designing the sleeve layouts for Consortium Project V Species in 2011.

Now in 2016 Jeroen and Ian join forces in a new collaboration for the debut Rock Emporium “Society of Friends” c.d. performing keyboards as a band member, but also assisting Ian to design the album cover.

FACTZ: In 1999 Joeroen performed live on stage with the John Hayes Project as opening act for KISS in Festfallhalle in Dortmund Germany.

FACTZ: Jeroen’s keyboard playing can be heard on 7 albums, including Ian’s Rock Emporium ‘Society Of Friends’ debut album.

FACTZ: In 2012 Jeroen started his own project called Thirteen, together with singer Audrey Lahaije. In 2014 they released their debut album ‘A Shot In The Dark’.

CASEY GRILLO – Drums (Kamelot/Rock Emporium/Queensrÿke/ Consortium Project / Ian Parry solo “Visions”

US Tampa born rock metal drummer Casey Grillo is regarded as one of the world’s best drummers in the world of rock and metal. Casey is redited with a catalogue of studio albums from Kamelot, appearing on Ian’s previous solo album “Visions”& Consortium Project 3 & 5 and more recently joined forces with US Prog Metal giants Queensrÿke in 2019 as special guest.

Casey has performed an incredible amount of tours with his band Kamelot in Europe, Japan and North America and over 40 countries and continued to touring more recently with Queensrÿke across the USA & North America. Ian’s collaboration with Casey started back in 1998 after a coheadlining tour with Elegy and Kamelot, so naturally Ian once again invited Casey to perform drums on a number of tracks from the new “In Flagrante Delicto” album.

FACTZ: Casey and Ian worked with Kamelot guitarist Thomas Youngblood recording an Iron Maiden tribute together in Tampa Florida back in 2000.

FACTZ: Casey previously performed drums for Ian’s 4th solo album “Visions” in 2005 & Consortium Project 3 in 2002.

FACTZ: Casey toured together with Ian & Elegy as drummer for Kamelot for a co-heading tour for Noise Records back in 1998 & have continued to work together & appears on “In flagrante Delicto”.

FACTZ: With more than 6 worldwide tours and numerous studio albums with US prog metal band Kamelot, Casey is now presently touring live with US Metal Giants Queensrÿke.

IMRE DAUN – Drums (Rock Emporium/ Gypsy Rose/ Dawn Patrol/ Brian Robertson’s The Clan)

Swedish rock metal drummer, Imre previously worked for the first time with Ian on the debut Rock Emporium “Society of Friends” album & has developed a very high standard of professionalism in his playing, attitude towards fellow musicians, the business and the companies that now endorse him. With a pure rock groove flexible style Imre fits Rock Emporium’s classic vintage rock atmosphere perfectly. His touring experience in Europe & the USA with Gypsy Rose also featuring American singer David Reece is an important contribution to “In Flagrante Delicto” essential for success in the music industry on any level. In addition Imre has a full range of styles from Heavy Rock/Metal, which can be heard in his former band Dawn Patrol, plus contemporary/chart pop to Fusion & the added advantage of strong backing vocals and Hard hitting drum style, which is why when hearing tracks from producer Martin Kronlund, Ian asked Imra to perform drums on this amazing 5th solo album instalment.

FACTZ: Imre has worked along side such artists touring the USA with former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Roberson as member of The Clan.

FACTZ: Imre has recorded more than 30 albums in his career. 4 albums recorded with Canadian band White Wolf between ’82-’88. White Wolf also featured guitarist Producer Martin Kronlund.

FACTZ: Producer Guitarist Martin Kronlund & Imre reached Gold in the Swedish Top 20 charts.

FACTZ: Imre is endorsed by MEINL cymbals and has various endorsement deals throughout career.

FACTZ: In 2012 Imra was asked to record drummer with Swedish band Confidence.

BAREND COURBOIS – Bass (Blind Guardian/Rock Emporium/Vengeance)

Barend 'The Bear' Courbois appears again with Ian after working both on Consortium Project & Rock Emporium, this time as special guest. Barend after performing a worldwide tour with German metal giants Blind Guardian playing sold out shows across Europe, Russia, Brazil and South America, contributes his talent and masterful technique on the 2nd of 2 ballads on “In Flagrante Delicto”. With a self-developed unique bass technique Barend has performed with many artists such as; Thijs van Leer (Focus), Gary Barden (MSG), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy), Michael Lee Firkins, Andy James, Michael Voss (Mad Max), Andreas Kisser (Selpultura), Mike Terrana (Malmsteen, MacAlpine), John West (Lynchmob, Badlands), Steve Fister (Lita Ford, Pat Travers), Atna Amur (Journey, David Bowie), John Hayes (Mother's Finest), Walter Trout, Tony Spinner (Toto), Adrian Vandenberg (Whitesnake) & Vengeance. His extra-ordinary talent is a fundamental crucial part (with drummer Garry King) as just another touch of pure rock talent on Ian’s 5th solo album.

FACTZ: Barend has been touring worldwide with German metal giants Blind Guardian since 2011.

FACTZ: Barend and Ian played in Dutch melodic hard rock band Perfect Strangers & guests on the Consortium Project I “Criminals & Kings” 1999 debut album. FACTZ: Barend and Ian both played in Dutch hard rock band Vengeance & Perfect Strangers featuring members of Vandenberg & Picture.


Additional rhythm, acoustic & Solo guitar on tracks 7 & 8 performed by Mario Zapata.

Additional bass guitar on track 7, performed by Torsten Reichert (Vanden Plas).

Additional bass guitar on tracks 1,2,3,4 & 5 by Guido Stöcker (Bodyguerra).

Additional bass guitar on track 8, performed by; Marcel van der Zwam (Consortium Project).

Additional drums on track 7, performed by Andreas Lill (Vanden Plas).

Additional drums on track 9, performed by Garry King (Joe Lynn Turner).

Additional female choir vocals performed Joyce Meuwissen (Ian Parry Visions).

Additional backing vocals & keyboards by Alexandro Freitas on track 8. (Ian Parry Visions).

The songs from Ian Parry’s 5th Solo album “In Flagrante Delicto” are sealed together by an array of modernized melodic rock Synthesizer tracks increasing popular in the worlds 80’s & 90’s classic rock music scene.

The album will be released worldwide on 21st of February 2020 by Metal Mind Productions (previously released Elegy, plus Tank, Dougie White (ex-Rainbow) & many more great artists). Ian celebrates his 30th album release in 2020 with a fantastic “Blast from the Past” live tour, featuring a selection of songs from his distinguished career as well as a number of special tribute covers for his loyal fans. This 1 hour and 45 minute live show will include tracks from the many album releases going back more than 20 years, performed by an “All-Star” line-up from the best Rock Metal musicians whom also recorded & performed with Ian in worldwide renowned bands such as; Rock Emporium, Vengeance, Elegy, Consortium Project, Ayreon & also appear on the New 5th solo “In Flagrante Delicto”. Now these phenomenal musicians; Barend Coubois (Blind Guardian), Bob Wijtsma (Ayreon), Sander Zoer (Delain) & Jeroen Van Der Wiel (Rock Emporium) join forces together with Ian to perform a fantastic kick ass live show under the banner “Act Of Crime” tour 2020.

Non-Stop Productions and a number of Dutch & German promoters are scheduling live shows from the spring of 2020 commencing in Europe.


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